Schools, police cooperate in drug sweeps, no drugs found in schools

During the month of August, 2009 and prior to the Seymour School District’s first semester opening, the Seymour Police Department, in cooperation with the Seymour School Administration, conducted a comprehensive canine drug search of the Seymour High School.

This search was conducted through the entire school and included the administration offices. The search was conducted by the Outagamie County Sheriff’s Department. Our goal through this partnership was to ensure that the high school was a “Drug Free Zone” for the safety and security of our students and faculty. The canine had not indicated any alerts during this search.

This past week a follow up search was conducted of the Seymour High School and Middle School. This search was conducted by the Pulaski Police Department’s, Police School Liaison Officer-Canine “Raider” who was back in the school for additional baseline work and practice. In order for Raider to be in top form, he needs to be worked. Raider is a passive drug dog, which means he has the capability of recognizing marijuana, cocaine and many prescription medications. Raider was “alerted” several times as he traveled through the school buildings. All “alerts” were investigated by the school’s administration and the school’s Police Liaison Officer.

Although no drugs were found, Raider has the incredible sensitivity to detect the slightest residue that may in fact be from a situation that occurred off campus.

“We are thankful for the cooperation with Pulaski Schools and “Raider,” Superintendant Peter Ross said. “School personnel, parents and students want and deserve a drug free school system. We are appreciative of the fact we have many, many students that simply will not abuse, possess, or put up with drugs at school or at home.”

High School Associate Principal Thomas Mueller, stated that, “All in all, having “Raider” in our buildings was a very positive experience.”

Seymour Police Chief, Rick Buntrock commended the effort. “I am very pleased with the results of this initiative and the effective partnership that we share between the Seymour Police Department and the Seymour School administration”.