Kris Stilen finds success, with Mary Kay

Mary Kay representative Kris Stilen takes delivery of her new career car at Gustman’s in Seymour. Pictured with her are, left to right: Patricia Toney, sales director with Mary Kay, Jayne Rohan, Sherry Reitz, Shelly Stratman, Marilyn Seidl, and Kris Stilen, Sr. Sales Director with Mary Kay.- Photo by Ray Barrington

Kris Stilen of Leeman was happy in her business of owning a beauty shop in her home. Then, in January of 1989, her mother received a facial from a Mary Kay representative.
“She said the representative reminded her of me,” Stilen recalled.
After meeting with a Mary Kay rep, Stilen decided to give the business a six-month try.
Twenty-one years later, Stilen said “It has been a blessing to be working with a Christian company in the business of helping women feel their best.”
Stilen recently took delivery of her 10th Mary Kay car, a 2010 Chevy Equinox, given to representatives for their use.
Mary Kay offers several other models in the Career Club Program, including the pearlized pink Cadillac, a coveted symbol of personal success, according to a press release from the company.
Stilen said the company’s philosophy is based on two principles.
First, “Keep faith first, family second and business third.” “We are always told that if we keep those priorities straight, we will be successful,” Stilen said.
Secondly, practice the Golden Rule.
“I found that lined up with what I wanted in my life,” she said.
Stilen had the opportunity to train with Mary Kay herself.
“I took her words to heart,” Stilen explained. “Pretend everyone you meet has a sign on that says ‘Make me feel better about myself.’”
Stilen has found the business success to go along with the personal fulfillment.
With customers in seven states, she has been named to the company’s National Court of Personal Sales 13 times. The honor requires $36,000 in sales, a figure she already reached in March. Then there are the cars. She earned her first in 1992, just three years after joining Mary Kay and one year she earned two.
Her key? “I concentrate on customer service which is something that seems to be a lost commodity these days.”