4K marks its first year

Teacher Deb Roache conducts a lesson for the 4K class at Seymour Head Start. Other 4K sites include Black Creek School, Hand in Hand Child Development Center, Good Shepherd Children’s Center and Little Minds Preschool. - Photo by Rick Cohler

The first year of a 4-year-old kindergarten program in the Seymour Community School District is almost history and by all accounts, the program has been very successful.
“We had some transportation growing pains at first, but overall it has been a very successful program,” District Superintendant Peter Ross said.
The program operates as a collaboration between the district, Good Shepherd Children’s Center, Little Minds Preschool, Seymour Head Start and at Black Creek School.
Each school employs state-certified teachers and offers a variety of educational sessions including calendar, weather, counting, ABCs, art and math projects and more.
Transportation is also provided to those who live more than two miles from the public school the children would attend.
The 4K has been enthusiastically received by parents. Here are some comments:
q “I love the teacher-to-child ratio which allows children to receive the attention and skills which are so important to their development.”
q “What I loved most with the 4K program, it offered choices for parents and that transporation was available.”
q “The 4K program and staff have ensured an early love of learning.”
q “Incredible! This 4K program has gone beyond what I thought was possible.”
q “It is true what they say about kids being sponges at this age. Every day my daughter tells me what she did in school and it is amazing to see how much she learns.”
As the district prepares for this fall, open houses will be held on Thursday, May 6 from 6-7:30 p.m. at Good Shepherd, Head Start, Little Minds Preschool. Hand in Hand Children’s Center will be providing information to parents internally. Representatives of the school district will also be on hand at each site to answer questions.