French students like what they see in Seymour

A group of 10 students from France and their advisor spent last week in Seymour.

Although their arrival was delayed by the ash cloud from the Iceland volcano, a group of 10 high school students from France has been making the most of their stay in Seymour.
One of the students had a chance to spend time with the Seymour Fire Department Explorers.
Gabi Maumené is 16 and lives in a small town with its own volunteer fire department. He is a member of a similar group there.
“It was good to see how they work,” Maumené said. “In France we practice, but here they have their own turnout gear.”
Maumené said he plans to be a volunteer fireman after he gets older.
Overall, Maumené found high school in Seymour much more relaxed and informal than at home. “They’re more strict,” he said.
Fellow visitor Cassandre Noreau, also 16, has also been impressed.
“The students are so welcoming,” she said. She also likes the wide variety of food and activities they have had a chance to experience while here.
It is their first visit to the U.S. Both say they wish the volcano eruption had happened after they arrived, so they could stay longer. The group was scheduled to leave Saturday.