Rock Ledge runners prepare for Bellin

Rock Ledge School students circle the Seymour Community High School track in preparation for the Bellin Run. - Photo by Rick Cohler

For the second year, Rock Ledge School students are participating in the Bellin Run Kids for Running Program.
Rock Ledge is one of approximately 50 area schools who are participating.
“Our program grew this year, and we have 51 students who are training, teacher Christy Baker said. “We start by running one mile and slowly build up to five miles in order to prepare for the 10k race on June 12. I am the coach and I have 11 teachers helping me as trainers.
They are: Lara Eslinger, Mary Skinkis, Erin Poeschl, Joan Biese, Connie Sturzl, Diane Weis, Lisa Cornette, Tammy Sheleski, Jen Siudzinski, Laurie Upp, and Amanda VanEyck.
There are many parents who are volunteering to help by running and training with the kids, staying at school for anyone who needs assistance, providing treats at the end of the run, providing a water stop, and many more things.
“It takes a large-scale effort to make this program work, and I am extremely grateful for everyone who helps make this program happen,” she said.
“Training began the first week in April, and I can see a lot of progress in them already! It is a tough experience for a lot of the kids, but they are all troopers. I tell them that training is not easy… if it was everyone would be out here. Team unity is emphasized and every one is encouraged to do their best.”
Runners also learn race etiquette so they are prepared for the Bellin Run. Most of them have not run in an organized run before so knowing common running courtesy is new for them.”