From the Mayor’s Desk – September 24

Hi…. We had two meetings last week, one was Public Properties on Wednesday the 19th and Streets & Sanitation committee met following Public Properties. 
 Elizabeth Timmins gave her library report and informed the committee of what was going on at the library. They have a student from the high school volunteering two hours a week to clean at the library which is really very helpful. The library is back on their winter hours which are Monday-Thursday 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Fridays 10 a.m. 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m.-2 p.m. 
Eric Litwin of “Pete and the Cat” fame will be at the high school auditorium on Oct. 15 at 6:30 p.m. because Elizabeth does not feel that the library will be able handle the crowd that they anticipate. 
Elizabeth also presented the first look at her budget. In 2012 the City of Seymour provided $128,935.56 for the Muehl Public Library. For 2013 they are requesting a half of percent increase which will bring this amount to $129,580.24 which would mean an increase of $644.68. The library would appreciate it if the city would consider the increase when putting the budget together. 
Bill Collar appeared on behalf of the museum and he reported they are working on the interior of the old museum. I believe they are looking at turning that into a general store. It will be interesting to see the end result. These volunteers never quit and the city is very appreciative. 
Friends of the Lake appeared and asked if the city could help them out financially by sharing in the cost of some swings and boards for the benches. Alderpersons Greuel, Pashouwer and I agreed that it is a city park and should be maintained like all other parks, so we will put up some swings and furnish the lumber for the benches as one of the Boy Scouts is wanting to repair these for his Eagle Badge along with some other park projects. The committee reported that their Ice Cream Social went well and they had about 200 people attend. They are now in the process of planning a fall event. The city will take out the rafts that are in the water and in very poor condition also the life guard chairs so the lake area looks much more presentable. Again thanks to citizens that are willing to volunteer for projects that make our city much more appealing. 
Chief Buntrock reported that the air conditioning unit was down in the police department. The unit is very old and had not been able to keep up for most of the summer. This led to some discussion on where we stand with the current condition of the building. We have been band-aiding it for some time and the committee felt that until there is a determination as to what direction the city should go on the whole municipal building and police department complex the building will serve its purpose with minor repairs. With that, the committee approved the purchase of a new air conditioner. 
We had some discussion on putting a drinking fountain, garbage containers and a bench by the trail access from Nagel Park. The drinking fountain was a bit costly and most runners or bikers carry water bottles themselves so the committee decided to do the garbage container and bench only at this time. 
Mike Pepin presented a report on what needed to be done in the parks for maintenance and what personnel would do the work. The committee was satisfied with this and the projects will be worked on so they are ready next spring. 
The 2013 budget for public property was presented to the committee for them to review and come back with suggestions. It pretty much didn’t differ from this year so we should be able to hold the line in that area. 
I will report out the Streets and Sanitation Committee meeting next week. Everything else seems to be running smoothly. Council meets tonight at 7 p.m.
Mayor Judy Schuette