2012 – Election – 2012

Former Republican Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson faces Wisconsin Democratic Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin. Here are excerpts highlighted on each candidate’s website.

Tommy Thompson (R)
Health care
Thompson’s plan for health care addresses what he says are the fundamental flaws of the current system:

•The disconnection of economic realities and consumer choices; and the lack of market-based solutions that create competition and reward quality, innovation and efficiency.

Key Elements of Thompson’s Plan:
•Repeal Obamacare;
•Reward quality and cost savings;
•Reform medical liability;
•Create a state/federal partnership;
•Cover pre-existing conditions;
•Reform insurance; and
•Enact Medicaid reform.

Deficit reduction:
Thompson supports Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” which he said “emanates from Wisconsin and the values we hold dear. In a very real sense, the plan is Wisconsin’s plan, reflecting the common sense conservative principles that unite us.”
•Reform Senate budget process to ensure enactment of a budget;
•Make the earmark ban permanent.
•Line item veto.
•Ban Corporate Welfare.
•Reduce Waste.
•Make Federal Worker Pay Consistent with Private Sector.

Energy Independence:
•Build the Keystone Pipeline.
•Open new sources of U.S. territory to oil and natural gas drilling.
•Expand natural gas production by protecting “Fracking” process.

Full explanations of Thompson’s positions on the issues can be found at www.tommyforwisconsin.com

Tammy Baldwin (D)
Health care:
In Congress, Baldwin worked for passage of the Affordable Care Act and now because of America’s new health care reform law that will change, and put an end to some of the worst insurance industry abuses, she said.

Economic Security:
Baldwin said she is committed to fiscal responsibility — reducing debt and deficits with a balanced approach, fighting for responsibility and fairness. Baldwin is the lead sponsor in the House of Representatives of the Buffett Rule to ensure that millionaires to pay the same tax rate as other taxpayers.

Baldwin has supported efforts to remove unfair trade deals, in particulary, China’s efforts to manipulate trade and its currency.

Fairness and equality:
In Congress. Baldwin is a founding member of the LGBT Equality Caucus, which now has 103 members, and she has been a leading advocate on the issue of bullying and suicide among LGBT youth.

In 2009, Tammy introduced the Respect for Marriage Act in order to uphold the principle that the federal government should not deny gay and lesbian couples the same rights and legal protections as straight couples, repealing the Defense of Marriage Act.

Baldwin sponsored legislation to improve access to early learning and child care programs. She has supported high standards in schools and measures that encourage accountability while providing states more flexibility to improve student achievement. With the right investments, we can keep more teachers in classrooms, reduce class sizes — why Tammy supported emergency K-12 funding included in the Recovery Act, a law that saved or created approximately 286,000 jobs in public schools across the country, helping thousands of children.

Baldwin also opposed the war in Iraq and has said it is time to bring troops home from Afghanistan.

Full explanations of Baldwin’s positions on the issues can be found at www.tammybaldwin.com.