Focus on Faith

Were We Wrong?

Were we wrong to criticize the referees in the call ending the Seahawk/Packers game?

No. I know the Bibles says to judge not that you be not judged. This means that we must be fair and know that we will be criticized in the same way we dish it out to others. There is right and wrong both in a football game and the game of life. Failure to follow the rules can produce losing the game. Although we have a legitimate complaint in our loss to Seattle, our referee in the game of life is completely fair.

In the game of life, we have all broken the rules and deserve to lose. Perhaps we have lied, cheated, hated, lusted after others, disobeyed our parents, used God’s name in vain or failed to love God with all our heart and strength. These are wrong and serious violations. We should feel guilty. Many seem to get by in this life, but after death we must stand before the judge determining our destiny of losing or winning. However, there is hope.

The Bible says if we admit (confess) our wrong he is faithful and just to forgive us and to cleanse us from all that is not right. He is fair because Jesus took the death penalty for law breakers who will turn from the wrong, owning up to our violations and receive Him into our lives. God’s Word says Jesus was delivered for our wrongness and was raised from the dead to attest to our being right with God.

Yes, we need not feel guilt over being critical about bad calls by officials in the loss to the Seahawks. However, it would be a shame to neglect owning up to our guilt in the game of life and turning from it. This decision spells winning or losing where it really matters.