Chip sealing should not be done within the city

Alderman Mike Blohm was observed recently actually walking on Fulton Street, apparently checking on the effects of last year’s chip seal project. Thank you, Mike. I wish you had also walked up the driveways and seen the amount of chip tracked even into garages. I have not been aware of any other City Council person checking this closely on the end results of that job. Yards are a real MESS. Sad.
Now I am going to call on the City to do something to alleviate this situation. I believe that some of the money that was saved by not installing a new blacktop road should be used to hire workers to rake the excess stones off of peoples yards, sweep out the gutters, and clean the storm sewer catch basins.
This should be done IMMEDIATELY, before the grass begins to grow which would make chip removal more difficult. Otherwise I have fears that lawn mowers are likely to pick up stone chips and fling them around.
Just my opinion.

TJ Landwehr