From the Mayor’s Desk

Hi…. We had our first Council meeting with the new Council. All Aldermen had been sworn in and the committee structure is as follows: Finance, Welfare & License – Aldermen Behnke and Tetzlaff; Courts & Public Safety – Aldermen Kraft and Blohm; Streets & Sanitation – Aldermen Krull and Spaulding; Public Property, Insurance, Zoning & Plumbing – Aldermen Blohm and Behnke; and Personnel – Aldermen Tetzlaff and Kraft. Alderman Behnke was elected Council President by the Council.
Our first Public Property Committee meeting was held last Wednesday at 5 p.m.. Elizabeth Timmins updated us with her library report which entailed a sample of the Legislative poster campaign, the spring cleaning of the library, and Elizabeth met with her staff to review 2016 performances which went well. In regards to taxes, the library staff provided the service of running forms off-line for patrons, also some patrons used the library computers for filing.
Bill Collar gave the museum report; he distributed the Seymour History Bulletin to the Council members. I really am in awe of what these volunteers do. This bulletin goes from Wisconsin Supper Clubs (Krabbe’s Kountry Klub), a tribute to Vietnam Veterans, Quilts of Marge Coonen, Photography of Rick Cohler, Home of the Hamburger, Music in the Park, Aeroplane Simulation, Memories of Hats, and Vilas Kraft reminisces about WWII to the shoe store he owned in Seymour. All of these are programs that will be presented at the museum this year. The bulletin is beautifully put together and I am sure the volunteers put in a lot of time to accomplish this. If you have not seen it, please take the time to get one and see when these programs will take place.
The committee did decide to once again look at putting a dog park in place in Seymour. They are looking at placing it in Lake Park with a dry area, a small animal area and a wet area. The discussion was about if we would still allow dogs in the other parks and it was agreed we should. The ordinance says that you must have your dogs under control, but they are looking at changing that to on a leash. Nothing has been resolved as to rules and hours, but they will be taking it to Council to see if they wish to pursue opening a dog park.
Streets & Sanitation followed this meeting and had a lot on the agenda so I will be covering that next week. It was really interesting and the committee dug right in and went to work.

Mayor Judy Schuette