Quality Childcare for the health of your child

The week of the Young Child (April 23 – 29) reflects on the health of the entire child. Having a quality daycare is part of a healthy child. Finding quality childcare for your child(ren) requires a lot of patience for a parent. You are putting the trust of a potential stranger to care for you child(ren), and this could be stressful. If you choose to use a Family Child Care (FCC), here are some things to consider.
How many children are there? Does your child(ren) enjoy going there? Does the FCC have you child(ren)’s best interest at heart? Do they know and understand child development? How does the FCC communicate with you regarding the daily activities at the FCC?
A licensed FCC can have up to 8 children, certified FCC can have up to 3 children under the age of 7, and a non-licensed, up to 3 children.
Some other tell-tale signs of neglect at an FCC are children being in the same diaper all day, being soiled on a regular basis past normal age of wetting, or continuous rashes. Other signs are unexplained, non-normal bruises, a child constantly soiled, and a sense of dis-interest of your child. If you experience any of these things, please contact your Department of Health and Social Services, their number is 920-448-5312.
There are also grants for people who want to become FCC providers. Consider making the difference for the life of a child and their family!
Have a great provider? Recognize them on Provider Appreciation Day on May 12!
A License FCC Provider