Wildlife surveys to be completed

Spring weather has finally arrived, and Department of Natural Resources biologists and cooperating volunteers are hard at work in the field to monitor Wisconsin’s wildlife.
DNR staff and voluteers complete spring and summer surveys to learn more about Wisconsin’s pheasants, ruffed grouse, and frogs, and many other species.
Each spring, DNR staff complete surveys to learn more about Wisconsin’s pheasants, ruffed Grouse, as well as frogs and many other species. Spring and summer surveys take place during all hours on designated roadside routes, and these procedures may require biologists to make frequent stops for short, pre-determined periods of time. Motorists are reminded to be aware these ongoing efforts.
“Biologists and volunteers have worked together to complete annual roadside surveys, where they listen or look for wildlife and record their findings, since the 1960s,” said Brian Dhuey, DNR wildlife population and harvest assessment specialist. “These survey techniques are a tried and true way to measure wildlife abundance throughout Wisconsin.”
Survey results can be found online, and those interested in learning more about Wisconsin’s wildlife species are encouraged to view these valuable data.