From the Mayor’s Desk

Hi…Well first off let’s talk about the survey we sent out as a flyer in the paper in reference to the Seymour Congregate Mealsite. To date we received 28 returns. Thirteen were from people who do not attend the site either because they had not heard of it or are not of age, but possibly would when they reach that age. Fifteen were from people who do attend and they had nice comments about the mealtime and activities they would like to see put in place. All were nice comments and that was good to see. I will be giving these to Bonnie Planner at Outagamie County to see what they come up with.
I told you last week I would report out the Streets & Sanitation Committee meeting which was held on April 19 with the new committee in place. First on the agenda was discussion on the Automatic Reader System for water meters. A while back the Council approved a trial run on this cellular reading system at several residences. The Water & Sewer Department really likes this system as we will no longer have someone going out and reading each individual meter. It also will help with water loss as problems are seen on a daily basis instead of quarterly. This will help individuals with water leaks also.
The committee approved of this program and it will be sent on to Council as a resolution at the next Council meeting. With the problems we have been having on Foote Street Mike Pepin asked the committee to purchase an underdrain system at a cost of $10,410.25. The committee approved this purchase. Mike Pepin reported to the committee that in the past we have been talking about installing sidewalks on State 54 and it is now a good time to do this as the project is located in TIF No. 4 and that TIF is doing very well and can handle the project. The committee gave Mike permission to move ahead with getting a survey done at a cost of $3,000.00 for this project. Next they talked about crosswalk stripping. The last time they stripped it was three years ago. They approved having the striping on Main Street and by the school completed along with the curbs painted.
The committee also approved the following equipment be purchased, which there is money in Capitol Outlay to pay for it: 1) A breaker on the end of the backhoe used for watermain breaks and is broken and cannot be repaired. Cost $13,371.00; 2) A backhoe. The city owns two and replaces a different one every five years so they are kept for 10 years. Cost $61,884.00 the cost split between city, water and sewer; 3) Single axle dump truck that is used for salting. Ours is a 1988. Mike has approval to look for a used truck and report back to the committee.
Remember I said all of these purchases currently have monies in their Capitol Outlay accounts to cover these purchases. They also approved the painting of city well No. 2 and the storage building on Elizabeth Street. It was awarded to Thomas Painting for $8,750.
Will report out Courts & Public Safety Committee next week.
Mayor Judy Schuette