Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
Could you help me out? I have lived on Elm Street since 2005 and still people park in front of my mailbox. It’s not only one mailbox but three. I even have a NO PARKING SIGN on my mailbox.
I have fourteen steps to run down to tell them not to park. Years ago, once my mail wasn’t picked up or delivered because the mailman said he didn’t see the mailboxes.
When approached, women tell me that they are only running into school for five minutes around 11 a.m. The mail could come in those five minutes.
The village hasn’t done anything, or the police. I complained to both years ago, just last year I called the Village Clerk office and one of the ladies thought I should talk to the police.
A few weeks later I was at the library and I saw across the hall they were going to have a village meeting, so, I talked to a police officer about the parking problem. A man interrupted me and said, no, there was no fine for parking in front of a mailbox and no sign could be put up on the pole near by because then a sign for no parking would have to be put up all over town.
That’s a lot of crap because our three mailboxes are the only ones the parents park in front of to run into school.
If the village would put a no parking sign from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and fine people they could make extra money for the village.
I am getting too old to be running up and down my steps.
Thank you,
Marge Doty

*ACN Disclamer: There is no federal law against parking in front of a mailbox, but postal carriers don’t have to deliver mail to a blocked mailbox according to the USPS.