Black Creek Middle School student gets cast in short film

Truett Uhlenbrauck a seventh grader from Black Creek had the opportunity to be in a short film.
Susan Rabideau, a UW Fox Valley Professor and Theatre Director gave Film student and Director, Max Hauser from UW Oshkosh Truett’s name.
Hauser wrote and directed a short film called “So We Bowl” Uhlenbrauck was cast as the lead boy named Zeke.

Producer and Director Max Hauser with Truett. - Submitted photo

Producer and Director Max Hauser with Truett. – Submitted photo

The film, which is about fifteen minutes long, is a short heightened drama about a boy, coping with loss, who comes of age to realize that adults don’t always have the answers either.
“It was an amazing experience and I enjoyed it very much,” said Truett.
Hauser filmed in Oshkosh during Spring Break in March so Truett did not miss any school. On May 15th, they had the Premier with a Red Carpet Roll out Event at the Time Community Theatre in Oshkosh showcasing all the short films made by the students of the film class.
Truett along with family and friends were able attend this event and view the films. Before the event started as they were getting out of their vehicle when their friend Brenda Zemke noticed a lady across the road from us screaming for help. Her upper apartment was on fire. Thick black smoke was pouring out of the windows.
Truett screamed to his mom to call 911. As she was on the phone with 911, Zemke and her family and Truett and Statten Uhlenbrauck helped the lady drop two of her dogs down from the blaze. Brenda held her sweatshirt out to catch the dogs! After the lady dropped two dogs down, we convinced her to come down, another person showed up with a ladder, we were able to assist her down. My son Statten gave her his coat to cover her up. Fortunately, we got her out and then the fire department arrived, they were able to retrieve 5 more dogs from the apartment all but one survived.
It made the Uhlenbrauck children very sad but their mom was very proud of her children and her friends – the Zemkes in the quick thinking and fast action they took to help someone in need.
After the scary turn of events, the streets soon filled up with rescue personnel and it began to rain. They safely made it into the Theater and were able to view the short films.
The students of the roll out event were not able to roll out the red carpet as planned, but nontheless the movies played without a hitch.
“It was amazing to see Truett up on the big screen, I am so proud of him!” said Jessie Uhlenbrauk, Truett’s mother.
The director Max Hauser will be entering his short film in short film festivals all over the world. They are excited to see where Max will go with his film, he is a very talented director.
Truett said he would like to become a doctor when he grows up but if his acting career takes off that would be great also.