From the Mayor’s Desk

Hi…We will start with the Scout Building at Rock Ledge Park. The basement entry is now done and the city crew is leveling the dirt around the building and seeding it. The company hired to do the siding should be coming in next week and then that project will be done. I think the only surfacing left to be done in that park is the road going to the Scout Building. We will take a look at that at budget time. I again want to thank the city crew for all the work they did to accomplish this project.
If you noticed some white flags and lines along State 54 from Main Street to Orchard Drive, that is so that the Council could get a visual on how the sidewalk would look if the Council decides to go ahead with putting in sidewalk. This is a project that has been on the table for quite a few years. The TIF District in that area will be coming to a close within about two or three years so we do need to move on the sidewalk if we are going to do it. The sidewalk falls within the projects that can be done in that TIF District so the city will not have to cover the cost by putting it in the budget. You can also see how the sidewalk will be installed if you look along State 54. I think this will be an asset to the business up there plus citizens who enjoy walking and stopping at some of the stores in that area.
I feel like a broken record but I am again going to remind you of how the brush pickup works. We have some citizens who just will not follow the guide lines or feel they don’t have to. This is how it works, the brush is picked up on Monday the same week as Harter’s picks up recyclables. You can also pick up a calendar at either City Hall or the DPW which shows you when Yard Waste, Garbage and Recyclables will be picked up, it is also on the internet. We are lucky these services continue to be offered within the budget. The city crew has said there are really only a few individuals that continue to abuse the pickup. I have instructed the city crew to pick up all the brush today but after today those who don’t follow the guidelines will be issued tickets. Sorry but I am not going to let a few individuals spoil it for the rest.
The nutrition site has relocated to city hall and I think it will be successful. The city and the county are working together so we can keep the program going in Seymour. I have stopped down there several times this week and intend to partake of some meals next week. The meals really looked and smelled good and there were good comments. I hope to see some more of you down there.
Mayor Judy Schuette