Mayor’s Column

Hi. Well let’s update you on what is going on. First Outagamie County has received an ok to relocate the Nutrition Site to the lower level of city hall, the home delivered meals also. Sorry about the short final notice but I just received final word this week. There is an elevator to the left of the front entrance available for your use for easy access to the site. They will begin serving congregate meals on June 19, at 11:30 a.m., again sorry for the short notice.
The County contacted us in regards to the chip sealing that was done on Fulton Street last year. They admit that there was an error on how it was put down, I believe it was not enough oil. They also said they would redo it but I don’t think anyone wants to go through that again. The County offered to give us a credit and I think that’s the best way to go and we will continue to sweep the street. Every year at budget time the Council discusses if we should continue to use chip seal on some streets or go with overlay. It really comes down to putting all the projects on the table and seeing which ones the Council feels should be addressed.
There are some projects that we have been putting monies towards in Capitol Outlay for a few years and need to be addressed as they can no longer be put off and will need additional monies from budget. One of those is the roof on the city garage. It leaks really bad and has for quite a few years but now it is starting to leak in the office areas and needs to be repaired. That’s only one project so when the Council looks at chip sealing some streets as one option we can look at to keep a street in fairly good condition for a few more years before resurfacing it, they really need to look at the savings. It is really easy to look at one particular project that affects you but the Council has to look at all projects and figure out which ones we need to do and still try and hold the tax rate to at least a minimum.
The city crew has finished their work in and on the Scout Building itself and will be doing some leveling around the building which is why you see the mounds of dirt by the building. As I told you before the siding has been sublet out and they should be doing it shortly. I have been going through Rock Ledge Park and it really is looking good. The city crew has done one great job on that park from the lights on the sledding hill, redoing the bleachers, painting the benches, getting the parking lot ready for surfing and last but certainly not least remodeling of the Scout Building. This in addition to all the regular work load they have. I want to thank them for a job well done.
I have received some complaints on grass clippings in the street and large items being left on the curb for a couple of weeks at a time. I usually go through the city in the early evening and I must say the other night when I took my ride the city on the whole was beautiful. Lawns were mowed and well kept, flowers were in bloom and I felt really proud of our city. As far as grass clippings there are only a couple of residents that continue to do this and we will be sending them letters and if they do not resolve the problem the police department will be issuing tickets. The large items being left out are a violation of the city ordinance and if they are left out for more than forty-eight hours the city crew will pick them up and a bill will be issued. You need to take them back in and call Harter’s for the next pickup. If you don’t have the number call the city garage and Lori will give you the number (city garage 920-833-2397 Harter’s 1-888-804-8556).
Mayor Judy Schuette