Heather Hellweg attended the National Leadership Conference in Anaheim, California

Heather Hellweg attended the National Leadership Conference. This trip gave her the opportunity to fly for the first time! FBLA has been able to give her experiences that she never could have otherwise experienced, such as attending the National Fall Leadership Conference in Minneapolis a couple years ago to competing in the National Leadership Conference in Anaheim California this year!
Hellweg was amazed to see such a different culture! Hollywood was very different from little Shiocton, but there were also many similarities. While she was able to see many grand highlights such as the Chinese Theatre, La La Land (store), Hollywood sign, and etc.; she also saw that there were people who were struggling. Along the highways, there were many homeless people who lived in tents. The tour guide said that a recent survey showed that over 50% of the people who were homeless lived that way because they wanted to. It was very surprising to her to see such a different lifestyle compared to back home.
We were at the Anaheim Convention Center
On June 30, Hellweg, competed in the preliminary round of Publication Design. She started out with a Bible devotional to get in the right mindset and reviewed her presentation a couple times before going. She presented with the same materials as at the state level in Appleton.
They released the results for presentation events at 5 a.m. She had made it, and was in the top 16!
Hellweg said, “I was so excited. This meant that I surpassed my original goal for the school year. Last year at the state competition, I was one place away from making it to Nationals, this year I wanted to make it. Now, not only had I done that, but I was in the top 10-12 percent, higher than anyone from Shiocton has ever been before.”
Unfortunately, the projector that was provided didn’t work during her presentation, so it wasn’t as good as it had been the day before.
She finished the day by heading over to Disneyland!
At the closing ceremony, Hellweg learned that she placed somewhere between 11th and 16th place, but not in the top 10.
Hellweg commented, “One of the biggest takeaways from the trip is that I shouldn’t ever be afraid to go out and really put all of my energy into what I do. NLC really opened up my eyes to the potential in so many of the people my age and if I wasn’t going to be graduating, I would definitely be trying to go back next year. Looking back, it would have been wonderful if I had worked towards developing my personal and professional skills even earlier so I could go again.”
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Mrs. Miller, Shiocton’s FBLA advisor, left is pictured with Heather Hellweg. Hellweg said, “She is wonderful and inspired me to go as far as I could.” They were at the Anaheim Convention Center. – Submitted photo