Keep Banking in Shiocton

Joe Peikert, President of Wolf River Community Bank talked to the citizens of Shiocton about possibly opening a branch of the Wolf River Community Bank in Shiocton on Tuesday, July 25 at 7, in the Shiocton School Cafeteria.
Many questions were asked and answered and an interest seemed to be there. The next step taken by Peikert is to bring it before the bank’s board on Thursday, July 27.
It does not sound like Bank First National is going to change its mind about closing the bank in Shiocton, but they did say they would sell the building to another bank if one was interested in purchasing it.
What Can You Do?
First, don’t panic or change your bank. We are seeking other institutions, while we do this, we need you to maintain faith and help keep a strong customer base.
Second, you can send a message to Wolf River Community Bank and state that you want and need them to open a branch in our community! Don’t think your letter or phone call won’t be worded just right or isn’t going to be heard.
All communication counts. Here’s who and how to contact:
Mr. Joe Peikert, at 920-779-5270 or
Third, watch for more information about the date and time of the next community meeting. We need everyone working together.
What If I Have Questions?
Contact one of the Business League members including Linda Lemmers (Business League), Dick Wickesberg (River Rail), Dick Johnson (Johnson Hardware), or Nichole Schweitzer (Shiocton School District).
Remember: it takes all of us, using our voices and written words, to keep banking alive in Shiocton.
The Shiocton Business League
Here is some information on the Wolf River Community Bank for those that did not attend the meeting.
With over 20 years in business, Wolf River Community Bank continues their journey of serving their customers and the communities in the greater “Fox West” area. As their mission statement describes, we are dedicated to helping people pursue their financial dreams and goals. They aspire to lead communities to financial success through independence, trust, flexibility and remarkable customer experiences. They do this by staying true to our core values: integrity, people, agility and community. Their customers are the key to their success and they work to deliver convenient solutions to their financial needs through traditional banking channels as well as through electronic banking products. They strive for Wolf River Community Bank to be a premier employer in our area. They will continue to be a strong community supporter in our schools, cities, villages, towns, and charitable organizations. They will further strive to continue to produce excellent financial results for our stockholders.
Peikert said, “As you read this, I hope the word “stewardship” comes to mind. We believe we are stewards of the resources that have been entrusted to us. We are always learning and looking for ways to improve.”