Oneida Nation elects new chairman

The Oneida Nation elected a new Oneida Business Committee on Saturday, July 8.
Ron “Tehassi” Hill was elected to serve as Chairman of the Oneida Nation for the next three years. Hill replaces Tina Danforth, who chose not to run this term.
Approximately 1,600 enrolled Oneida citizens participated in the election. There is 10 days for the election to be challenged, the present Oneida Business Committee is expected to accept the election results on August 9 and the newly elected Oneida Business Committee will be sworn in during an inauguration ceremony on August 10.
Also elected to Vice Chairman is Brandon Yellowbird Stevens, who ran for this seat for the first time but has served several terms as a councilman.
Re-elected to the Treasurer was Trish King. Debra Powless was elected to serve as Secretary.
Re-elected to the Council is Jenny Webster and David Jordan. Newly elected councilmembers are Kirby Metoxen, Daniel King-Guzman and Ernie Stevens III.
The entire Business Committee is the governing board of the Oneida Nation and will serve for three year terms.
There were several other elected offices filled throughout the Oneida Nation, which include the Judiciary, Election Board, Trust Committee, Oneida Nation Elder Commission and others.