Fire Department 100th year

Event Coordinator, firefighter Todd Uhlenbrauck was very pleased with the fire departments celebration on Saturday, August 19.
He said, “We had a great turnout, it was at least what we expected if not more. Everything was organized really well and people approached us and asked if we would do it again next year, as an annual firefighters picnic.”
He said the bands played great and everyone enjoyed the fireworks.
Uhlenbrauck said what they did not expect was to get a call when they were a block into their parade, but he said that it did give the community a chance to see them in action, because being a small village they do not receive a lot of calls.
There was a delay while the firefighters attended an accident on County Highway B. The accident was a two vehicle collision directly in front of the fire station, one person was transported with non -life threatening injuries. One vehicle was traveling west bound on B, and the other vehicle was exiting the Fire Department, pulling out directly in front of the vehicle traveling on B when they collided.
He said, “The accident backed us up a little, with Theda Star flying in, they are on such a strict schedule, but we were really fortunate that Theda Star did not get a call and they were able to spend a lot of time at the event.” They gave tours of the helicopter and explained the equipment and everyone really enjoyed talking to the pilot and the medics aboard and asking them questions.
Uhlenbrauck said they had people from Little Chute, West Bend, Madison and as far as Door County attend the event. He talked to the police officers and all-in all-everyone behaved and it was a good night.
Although it is not only up to him, Uhlenbrauck said he would like to bring this back every year as an annual firefighters picnic, so we will all just have to wait and see what happens next summer.

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