From the Mayor’s Desk

Hi. Last week I visited most of the downtown businesses with the paper work on how the state will handle traffic flow and time frames on the box culvert replacement and how it will affect them. I informed them the state is supposed to have an informational meeting with the businesses, prior to the project beginning, for any questions they would have. Most of the Seymour residents will easily be able to figure out how to get to any of the businesses you wish to visit. The project is scheduled to start September 11, 2017 and finish October 30, working five days a week. If we get a lot of rain or any other reason they cannot work it could extend out. When the project is finished it should complement that area of our downtown.
We started work on our streets program last week, and as usual, some individuals are unhappy about the process and others are just glad it’s being done. In one instance someone was very unhappy about the way it was being handled and let me know in no uncertain terms and a half hour later, I had conversation with someone who said they were just happy it was finally being done and didn’t mind the inconvenience. It’s always a no win situation but we do get through it. At budget time, I hope we will have some discussion on chip sealing as to if we keep doing it or try a different process. We have some new aldermen on Council so we may get some different views. However, it all comes down to where they want the tax rate to be. I always say the city can give you anything you want but it will cost. I think our Councils in the past have always kept the tax rate under control and still provided for the residents it wasn’t an easy task.
Last week I met with a representative from Outagamie County and two individuals from the Seymour Senior Citizens Group in regards to the nutrition site at City Hall. We had a very nice meeting and I think came up with some good ideas for improving the attendance. The County is giving their all to help get the numbers up. When I talked with Bonnie this morning she informed me they will be putting a monthly menu in the Advertiser Community News along with some programing that I think will be of interest to all of you. An employee from the county will be coming out here to personally promote the nutrition program to churches, businesses, elderly housing and individuals. They are also looking at providing transportation on certain days for individuals that would like a ride. We need to get on this one folks or we are going to lose the program. The home delivered meals count is up and that is in no danger. Please remember that this program is put on for people that like to visit with others while they enjoy a very healthy meal, no need to sit by yourself and eat. I want to thank Sandra for the letter to the editor she put in last week’s paper.
She is quite the meal site manager and a lovely person. She does so many other services in our city that people are not aware of, quite the busy little gal.

Mayor Judy Schuette