From the Mayor’s Desk

Hi. Well last week was one busy week, we had four different meetings. Monday, the second, we had a public property meeting. On the agenda was the cleaning of the ducts at city hall and the Lake Park project.
I will take the cleaning of the ducts first. Foremen Heating and Ventilating, Inc had been selected to do the work of the heating and air-conditioning, and they have been doing a great job. The ducts are opened up and Foremen Heating informed us that the ducts are extremely dirty and probably should be cleaned out while everything is opened up. The ducts, as far as we know have not been cleaned in fifty years and we were shown pictures of the inside of the duct and I think the committee was surprised at all the dirt that was in them. Foremen Heating does not do duct cleaning so we contacted Well House Air Duct Cleaning who gave us a quote of $8,000. We then received a second quote from Dirty Ducts Cleaning for $15,706. There was some discussion on if we should clean the ducts at this time, and it was decided to do the right thing and go ahead and clean them while everything was opened up. This recommendation was to go to Council for their approval with Well House Air Duct Cleaning doing the work.
The second item was on the cleaning of the lake. The lake needs to have the water drained down to where the sludge is and take a look at how much sludge is on the bottom. Beneath the sludge is clay and in good shape. The committee made a motion to move ahead with the cleaning of the lake (if need be) so it can open in 2018. I did check with other man-made lakes and there is always some sludge on the bottom of the deep areas that remains after pumping. The water is pumped out each fall to control the weeds which we will do also. This was referred to Council. To date we have paid out $1,845 for the spraying of the weeds and $4,643 for the water pump to fill the lake this totals $6,488. There is $39,618.77 in Capital Outlay to cover this expense.
There also was discussion on the Lions Club Splash Pad and that is moving along nicely. Mike Pepin is working with the Lions Club on getting the expense of installing the water pipes. The city should easily be able to cover this expense also.
The Council met Wednesday night to move on Resolution No RE2107-152 approving cleaning the duct work in the Municipal Building. They passed this resolution after some discussion and viewing the photo.
Resolution No RE2017-153 approving cleaning out the lake was before the Council for discussion and approval. After discussion on this the council moved to go ahead and approved the resolution.
The Personnel Committee also met on October 4 to discussn non union wages. This was the first meeting on this subject and after a lot of discussion it was decided to wait until the entire budget was presented to see what the wage increases would be.
I have been contacted by the county that the Senior citizens would again like to meet with both the county and city to discuss the meal site and what the county is doing to promote this. I believe we will be meeting this week.
Mayor Judy Schuette