Penalties hurt Thunder in loss

Waupaca 14
Seymour 13

Mistakes once again hurt the Thunder, this time against Waupaca on homecoming night on Friday, September 29.
“We didn’t finish the game,” Molle said of the 14-13 loss to the Comets. “Momentum got away from us in the fourth quarter.”
He said they did not take care of business when they were able to move the ball.
“We did not take care of business early in that game when we moved the ball and give ourselves a bit more of a cushion,” Molle said. “We had a chance early in the first half to kind of give us some separation. We were only up 7-0.
“We need to be better than that considering how well we moved the ball up until that point.”
Molle said you can look offensively in the points department.
“Our balance has been outstanding,” he said. “You can look directly at penalties. They have been an issue.”
He said they had 11 or 12 that evening.
“For whatever reason we have not cleaned them up,” Molle said. “When you rack up that many yards and show good balance you should have more than 13 points to show for it.
“We kind of need to get out of our own way. That’s been a theme for us this year.”
Seymour scored on a 7-yard rush by senior Jamison Sassman in the first quarter. They tacked on six more points on a Devin VerVoort 60-yard pass for a score, however, the point after was missed.
Waupaca scored two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to close out the game with a 14-13 defeat of the Thunder.
Defensively, Waupaca quarterback Brenden Canterbury was able to make some plays after Seymour would lose containment.
“He made some plays,” Molle said. “He ended up with quite a few passing yards because we didn’t do a really good job of keeping him contained. We didn’t do a good job of keeping him inside the rushers.”
Seymour still has a chance of making the playoffs with two games remaining. They have to run the table against New London and Menasha.
“We certainly put ourselves in a tougher position than we wanted to.
He told his team to finish the season.
“I told them we are really close to being a very good football team and we need to try and prevent those things that are preventing us from doing that.
VerVoort threw for 185 yards, completing 14 of 19 passes with two interceptions. Sassman gained 70 yards running, while Dorn had two catches for 79 yards.
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Seymour defender Josh Krause makes an interception against Waupaca during their Bay Conference matchup on Friday, September 29. – Photo by Keith Skenandore