Seymour veterans honored

A candle-lighting ceremony to commemorate Wisconsin members of the U.S. Armed Forces who have been killed in the War on Terror was held at the SMS Veterans Day Program on Friday, Nov. 10. – Photo by Rick Cohler

Seymour Middle School presents annual Veterans Day Program
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Rick Cohler
Seymour area veterans were honored at the Seymour Middle School Veterans Day Program on Friday, Nov. 10.
Students invite family members and friends to the event.
Keynote speaker, veteran Kimani Jefferson, was introduced by his son, Pace. He noted the many changes in technology and society since he last spoke at the event in 2005, reminding all that this nation has been at war for 17 years. After serving overseas for several years, he returned home and realized “The United States has the best thing going in the world, period.” Later, he said he should have added, “how fragile this thing can be. Additionally, we’re bombarded with bright colors, constant breaking news alerts of the same news all day and every day taking us to the next tragedy.
“We’re in a state of shock and fear – so much so that we’re kind of numb to it.
“My message to you today is not just to say ‘Happy Veterans Day’ to those who serve but to say hello and how are you to everyone you see. Look people in the eye and smile. Maybe you will brighten your day and theirs as well. We have forgotten that it doesn’t have to be just avoiding offense. How about just being kind, to one another as citizens. Respect one another as citizens. Love one another as citizens. If we respect the veterans who go out and serve and put lives on the line, love one another as we love you. You want to change the world? Start there.”
Students performing special roles in the program included:
Pace Jefferson and McKenna Mueller, masters of ceremony; Chase Kuske and Carleigh Leisgang, Pledge of Allegiance; Emily Brinkman and Nathan VandenHeuvel, the history of Veterans Day; Tommy Romanowski, Brooklyn Nieland, Sonny Powless, Macy Kust, Jonah Parker, Ava Linsmeyer, Johnny Pintar and Olivia Herb, “I Am An American – I Am Free” poem; Jacinta Bautista and Makiah Goodeagle, laying of the wreath; Trinity Estrada and Kersten Thibodeau, “Taps.”
The Seymour VFW/American Legion Honor Guard posted the colors.