Shiocton school supports the book “Only One You” by Linda Kranz

Robin Schmidt, second grade teacher found and read the book “Only One You” by Linda Kranz and thought up a project for the elementary students about how each child is special and unique.
After contacting and coordinating with Superintendent Nichole Schweister, Elementary Principal Kim Griesbach, S.P.I.C.E., Student Counselor Dannielle Kern and art teacher Lisa Beecher, the project was a go.
The book talks about wisdom that parents give to their children and explains how every child is special and how important it is to be unique and find their own way.
The idea was for each child to paint a rock with any colors, pictures or words that they wanted on it to express how each one is different and special. Grades kindergarten through fifth participated in this art project under the art guidance of Beecher.
Kern assisted with the rock donation from D&D Landscaping and the paint was donated by Diamond Vogel in Appleton. S.P.I.C.E. supplied the sign from Signarama in Appleton.
“We wanted bright colors that would weather well and not fade,” said Schmidt since the rocks will be placed outside.
The rocks are strategically place outside the elementary wing so each student can walk by them everyday and admire their work.
Beecher’s favorite part in the book were the pages that read, “Appreciate art, it’s all around you.”
The book has a lot of inspirational quotes and positive messages throughout its pages.
Schmidt said, It talks about being unique and how important it is to be who you are and how it teaches its lesson in a very simple manner. “Since Shiocton school district teaches One School, One Family and One Town, we felt it was a way to show each student how important they are to us and to the school.”
Beecher said, “The book says to always be on the look-out for a new friend and how the playground “Buddy Bench” supports that idea.”
The book promotes positive attitudes and thinking, helping the students self esteem and thus, making the school a better place.
The teachers thought they would only do this project once, but they now decided to do it every year.
Schmidt, being a Shiocton graduate said, “How fun it would be to come back to school years later and find your rock. Like the book says, “Look for beauty wherever you are and keep the memory of it with you.”
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