Shiocton’s baseball field and batting cages get updates

Shiocton is in the process of slowly but surely upgrading their field and baseball complex. Over the past couple of years, they have added a pressbox and concession stand (compliments of our School District, community, and the Dave Gomm Family).
The Gomm Family have come through again. They got turf from Julie Gomm’s sister and brother-in-law (H&H Civil construction) that work with turfs fields.
The donated turf came from the Carthage college football field in Kenoshathat was being taken out and replaced.
Dave Gomm and Mark Schultz made three trips in two days over a weekend with Mark’s truck and trailer and Chris Arneson (Norris Construction) truck and Doug Pahlow’s (Pahlow Construction) trailer.
The turf was transported from Kenosha on September 21, thankfully, the last nice warm weather weekend of the summer.
Then, the construction began. Head baseball coach Jude Backman, along with Joe and Jack Scott, Mark and Drew Schultz, Dan Nabbefeld, Cole Wilcox, Austin and Dave Vandenbosch, Pat and Ethan Flannery, Tyler Ace, Jon Majerus, and Sally and Sam Van Stratten helped with the 500 to 600 pound rolls.
“It was quite a job to roll those out,” said Majerus, “it took a lot of man power.”
There was even turf left over that went towards the Hortonville Youth program.
They are now upgrading the soils on the baseball field. With this upgrade, they had the help of AGA Sod Farm who came in and edged the infield and outfield areas to give the grass lines a clean-sharp edge. They have filled the outfield warning track and the infield dugout to dugout backstop area with upgraded red granite, small gravel all around to improve safety, draining moisture, and a nice look. Coach Backman said, “With this small gravel, it will give a good “crunch” when players step on it to improve the safety as they get closer to the fences.”
Another project in the future is to get a water line out to the baseball infield to keep the soils well maintained.
The infield is currently being filled in with an upgraded infield fill soil called “Sure Hop” infield soil mix. It then will be topped off with a small layer of red diamond soil. Again, to raise the dirt areas of the infield and maintain moisture.
The new soils were purchased from Waupaca Soils. Special thanks to the baseball players, families, and friends that helped with this project.
1106-batting The new turf rolled out on the batting cages. – Submitted photo
1106-shio-bat Rolling out the turf for the batting cages. – Submitted photo
Edging work on the baseball field. – Submitted photo