Outagamie County has purchased new Election Management System

Outagamie County Clerk Lori O’Bright is pleased to announce that Outagamie County and its municipalities (except City of New London and Village of Wrightstown) have purchased a new Election Management System (EMS) through Election Systems & Software (ES&S), Omaha, Nebraska. The EMS will be utilized beginning with the 2018 Spring Election (primary, if necessary).
The City of New London and Village of Wrightstown procured newer election equipment prior to this procurement. The Village of Harrison, which currently is land only in Outagamie County, with all voters residing in the Calumet County portion of the village, also procured new election equipment through this procurement.
The $655,508.73 EMS contract with ES&S includes hardware and software at the county level for receipt of unofficial election returns and programming. Municipal equipment distributed includes DS200 tabulators and modems, which will tabulate ballots and modem unofficial returns on election night to the county. Municipalities will also utilize ExpressVotes for ADA compliant equipment that provides handicapped voters the ability to vote their ballot unassisted. ExpressVotes may be utilized by any voter who desires to utilize a touch screen to cast their ballot.
Outagamie County granted municipalities with voters in Outagamie County one half of the necessary funding to procure their equipment based upon the ES&S recommendation for their election needs. Some municipalities procured additional polling location equipment at their full cost.
Procurement was handled by a team that included Outagamie County staff and representative municipal clerks from the municipalities receiving equipment. Partnering with ES&S, Outagamie County joins 426 Wisconsin municipalities that currently utilize ES&S DS200 tabulators.
County Clerk O’Bright said,
“My appreciation goes to the Outagamie County Board of Supervisors, Outagamie County Executive, and municipal leaders who provided the funding for modernizing Outagamie County election equipment.
Our office is also grateful to county staff and municipal clerks who assisted with the project. We look forward to working with ES&S as we implement the new EMS and in working with them in future years.
Voters can be assured that the new equipment will accurately tabulate their ballots through the DS200s. ExpressVotes provide ADA compliance and allow any voter to use a touch screen, which then prints the ballot, to be tabulated in the DS200.
The municipal clerks received their new equipment last week. Training with the new Election Management System will occur this month at the county level and next month with the municipalities.
We look forward to having future election night returns received via modem, ensuring efficient and accurate returns, and assisting with eliminating human errors in reporting.”