School Board reviews State Report card

By Keith Skenandore
The Seymour Community School District School Board met on Tuesday, Nov. 28, and reviewed and discusses the State Report Cards that were issued by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.
The school district is meeting expectations with a score of 69.8, a 3-star rating. That range of meeting expectations is between 63-72.9.
The high school, middle school, Rock Ledge Intermediate are all meeting expectations. The Black Creek K-8 Middle School is exceeding expectations.
“The strengths are attendance, graduation rate and district growth in literacy,” Asher said.
She said to get to the next level they need to look at their student achievement in reading (39.1) and math (38.6), which they are below the state average percentage.
“We are behind in both reading and math,” Asher said.
In other business, the school board has been setting goals for the district to continue to improve their educational experience for all students. There are four areas of focus: Student Achievement – Literacy; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), Facilities and Highly Qualified Staff.
“The board has two retreats meetings in the last month to look at setting 3-4 year goals for the district,” said Superintend Also, there will be an a spring election for two seats on the board. Vice-President Laurie Bowers, Zone 3, and Clerk Paula Rohm, Zone 4, terms will be expiring. Incumbent notice for non-candidacy is Dec. 26 and the deadline for filing declaration of candidacy is Jan. 2, 2018.
If a primary is needed, that will be held on Feb. 20, 2018, and the spring election will be April 3.
The property committee is in the process of developing a long-term facility plan.
That allows for Fund 46,
“In essence, it’s a way for you to put money into an account and earmark it only to be used in facilities,” Asher said. “The challenge with it is after you put the initial deposit in, you cannot spend it for five years. We have to have a long-term facility in place for that to be used.”
Fund 46 is used by school districts for future projects to be financed with funds transferred from the General Fund or Fund 10. The money set aside in a Fund 46 cannot be accessed for an initial five-year period. This timeline would begin upon the first deposit into the fund. Subsequent deposits can be accessed at the same time five years after the initial deposit.
Pete Kempen, school business manager, said in order for the board to begin a Fund 46, three things would need to occur. First, the Board would need to approve a 10-year capital improvement plan. Second, they would also need to approve a resolution to establish a trust, and then third, create a segregated bank account for that trust. The money in a Fund 46 would only be used for capital projects included in the ten-year plan, although the board could choose to amend the plan at any time.
By using a Capital Improvement Fund, or Fund 46, the District will be able to spread out major improvements in our district over a longer period of time, reducing the effect on the taxpayer. It also provides a way to use unused budget amounts at the end of a fiscal year without losing aid from the state in the next fiscal year.
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