Donald Duck gets a make – over

Last year the village contacted Mr. Griesbach, the tech ed teacher, and asked him if we could clean up a couple of rocking horses from the park. He had a couple of his students sand them and delivered them to the art room where he had the art club paint them. Mr. Griesbach sealed them with polyurethane when they were done.
This year the Village of Shiocton did the same thing with the Donald Duck head for the teeter totter.
This is a community parks service project and an excellent example of one of our eight Guiding Principles: Shiocton Schools meaningfully serve student, staff and community.
Mr. Greider and his high school Art Club students restored the fiberglass Donald Duck head for the Village of Shiocton, so the children in the park can enjoy it once again.
0108-shio-duck head BEFORE copy Before

0108-shio-donald duck copy After
Left to right, Mickayla Denis, Clayton Rockwell, Nathaniel La Valley, Sky Green, Allyson Hermann, Samantha Scott, Paige Stein and Emily Kerr.
– Submitted photo