From Exhibitor to Hall of Famer

By Stephen Knoll
Carl Schaumberg has been diligently working on the Outagamie County Fair for as long as most can remember.
He started his involvement as an exhibitor at the fair with both FFA and 4H clubs, later spending time on the Fair Board at just about every position.
It’s a résumé that wasn’t easy to pare down for his Hall of Fame application for the Wisconsin Association of Fairs.
Brian Stille, manager of the Outagamie County Fair, knows that Schaumberg would never ask for recognition like this but it was the least they could do for him.
“It’s the best we can do in the state, but it’s really insufficient for everything that he’s done,” Stille said.
Schaumberg has done a lot to help shape the fair over the years with his steady hand and calm demeanor.
“Carl is the voice of reason behind our fair,” Fair Board President Tim Diermeier said in the application. “(He)has always made sure that the success of the fair remained the priority.”
That influence has helped Stille as he manages the fair saying that having someone like Schaumberg who knows every in and out helps make things easier on him.
While always helpful, Stille does say it can be intimidating working with Schaumberg too, “His knowledge of the fair, its history, he knows all of that very clearly.”
That gives Stille, who has managed the fair for the last two years, a pillar of advice to lean on while trying to do his duties.
It goes beyond just a reasonable voice in the room though, as Schaumberg still spends hundreds of hours on labor to get the fair up to speed and running smoothly.
Stille said he’d often see Schaumberg working to fix chain fences or doing other small things to keep on top of it.
“We are not sure that Carl sleeps during the month of July because he is always on the grounds,” Diermeier said.
The service and dedication that Schaumberg shows to the fair is something to admire, “Carl is amazingly dedicated to the fair, whatever it takes to make it work he’s involved,” Stille said.
Both Stille and Diermeier note his work far exceeds what most would expect and it’s all done with the same quiet, unassuming attitude.
Diermeier credits a lot of the success of the Outagamie County Fair directly to the work Schaumberg does.
“It’s great to know that he’s there,” Stille said.
Schaumberg was inducted in to the Wisconsin Association of Fairs Hall of Fame in January.
The Outagamie County Fair for 2018 is July 24 – 29.
Carl Schaumberg accepting his nomination into the Hall of Fame.
– Submitted photo