Outhouse Races

March 13, held the 2nd Annual Outhouse Race Day at the Whistle Inn in Nichols. Race day was questionable with the lack of snow but the Navarino Ski Hill came through. The Whistle was able to get enough snow to cover the road. Travis Schroeder and Jay Streebe hauled the snow and prepared the road for the races.
The outhouses were a sight to see. Outhouses were made of a 3x4x6 base on a pair of skis and had to include a toilet seat and toilet paper. The 11 outhouse teams consisted of three persons each; two pushers and of course one to sit on the ‘toilet’. Each outhouse had some creative names, moves, and entertainment.
The race was set up using an elimination bracket process with two categories, Overall and 21 and Older Obstacle Course. The Overall Races consisted of the outhouse being pushed down a straightaway faster than the competition. Winning the first place overall category was DTR Concrete/P&C Sanitation. The 21 and Older Obstacle Course consisted of having the outhouse meander through the Beer Pong area, the Shot Ski, and the Butt Darts. Winning the 21 & Older Course was the Whistle Inn navigated by Andy Helein, Kody Kominowski, and Brian Heiden. Prizes for both categories were supplied by the Whistle Inn.
The day was observed with over 150 spectators who enjoyed a day of races along with beverages served by the Nichols Baseball Team and a delicious pig roast sponsored and prepared by the Whistle Inn. The band, Crankin’ Yankees, ended the exciting night.
Race Coordinator, Robin Beresford, wanted to thank everyone for all the help and support: the town for the use of the road, Navarino Ski Hill, the participants, all the volunteers (too many to mention), and of course the spectators. “We are so lucky to live in such a caring and supportive community.”
The 2nd annual Outhouse Races was a very successful event and everyone is excited to “Ride the poop train,” next year.