SCHS Students of the Week

Danielle Milheiser
Danielle Milheiser whose parents/guardians Jim and Cheri Milheiser, was selected by: Mr. Alban.
Reason for selection: Danielle is one of the most organized and driven students we have ever had in band. She is our Band Council Treasurer and is always on top of jobs that need to be done. Further, she just this year picked up a new instrument and played a solo with it at the Solo and Ensemble contest.
Student’s plan for the future: I plan to attend UW-Platteville pursuing a degree in Chemistry.
Student activities in school: Band, Jazz Band, SALSA, NHS, Swim Team, Seymour Community Swim Club
Favorite Subject: Chemistry
Name one item on your bucket list: To travel to all 50 states
Student’s comments on being selected: I feel that it is a great honor to be selected. I am very proud that all of my hard work has gotten me somewhere and people are noticing it. I hope to continue to be hardworking and determined as my life goes on.

Dominick Bougie
Dominick Bougie whose parents/guardians Brandon Bougie, was selected by: Mr. Kuchta.
Reason for selection: Dominick has the best attitude I have ever taught. He is excited about every lesson and every new unit. He goes above and beyond what is expected. He tries 100 percent all the time in every activity. If the teams aren’t in his favor, he still does his best to involve all the team members and does what it takes for his team to be successful.
Student activities in school: Play video games, work out, hangout with friends and family.
Favorite Subject: Math
Name one item on your bucket list: To be able to drive a tank
Student’s comments on being selected: I was really surprised when Mr. Kuchta picked me for this, at first I thought I was in trouble, but then I was told that he wanted to pick me for student of the week.

Jeremiah Baranczyk
Jeremiah Baranczyk whose parents/guardians Greg and Bonnie Baranczyk, was selected by: Mr. Schmoll.
Reason for selection: Jeremiah is a great student in the classroom, an outstanding teammate and an even better young man.
He is responsible, hardworking, caring and intelligent. Jeremiah is a great leader and role model!
Student’s plan for the future: Go to college to become a veterinarian.
Student activities in school: Football, Wrestling, and MMA(Mixed Martial Arts).
Favorite Subject: Science
Name one item on your bucket list: Visit California
Student’s comments on being selected: Thank you!