Seymour City Council Toughens Tobacco Ordinances

By Stephen Knoll
The Seymour City Council is tightening up some regulations to combat some vagueness in the laws.
With rising popularity of alternative smoking options like vaping and e-cigarettes some council members noticed some loopholes in the city’s tobacco regulations.
Older city ordinances didn’t have language in them designed for these different types of products so some new language was added in to toughen things up.
“We’ve had some challenges with the advent of vapor pipes and electronic cigarettes,” then council member Ryan Kraft said.
The new wording includes those new devices and closes gaps around use by people under 18 years of age.
Some definitions were broadened to include products that contain nicotine as well as tobacco cessation products.
Also coming out of the council meeting were the results of the city audit.
According to the auditor, the city is sitting in good financial standing as is.
Mayor Kraft expressed a hope that in the future the council would be able to use the funds the city has more strategically moving forward.
As he said in his interview with the ACN, Kraft wants to create more long term plans for the city and its finances to help improve it.