Seymour School Board Still Exploring Options for Second Site

By Brian Paynter
ACN Correspondent
The Seymour Community School District Board of Education on Tuesday directed superintendent Laurie Asher to study the feasibility of providing additional alternative programming for students on-site.
Asher said a proposal, which she’ll present to the board at its April 24 meeting, would include the cost of adding a second alternative programming site for students and the timeline for implementing it.
Implementing a second alternative programming site probably wouldn’t be completed until Jan. 18 or the middle of the 2018-19 school year.
A second alternative programming site would serve about 70 part-time at-risk students in grades seven through 12 and older students earning credits toward a high school diploma.
To accomplish that would mean remodeling three empty classrooms — totaling about 2,000 square feet — between the middle and high schools into space for those students.
Fifteen full-time students, who are in a program to obtain their high school diploma, would continue attending the alternative school at 230 Morrow St.
Currently, 86 students, including those in grades 11 and 12, as well as adults, attend the alternative school downtown.
However, Asher said, the alternative program has grown considerably during the past 10-15 years and the approximately 600-square-foot building is too small to accompany enrollment and program needs.
“The board feels very strongly that an on-site and off-site campus would meet the variety of needs of our students,” she said.