Happy 100th Birthday Nichols

Are you on social media? Do you love contests? If so, the Nichols Centennial Committee has got a deal for you. Our committee has a website up and running. The website name is NicholsWI100years.org.
This site is your go-to page for all the information, events, and activities we are planning to bring to the Nichol’s 100th birthday party.
Besides supplying the information about the centennial, we would like to challenge our website viewers to a photo contest. There are some photos of various aged people. We want you to bring up those old memories and try to identify as many people as you can. We will see who can list the most people on the various photos and then at the Centennial Celebration, Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018 a winner will be announced to win a prize.
Help us share our Centennial activities on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. We are excited to spotlight Nichols and look forward to sharing our community and surrounding area’s history. We all are a reflection of our community.