Volunteers Recognized for their Service

Community 2000 Volunteers were treated to a very special day recently.
An anonymous donor recognized the hard work and efforts of the volunteers and in celebration of National Volunteer Appreciation Week treated them to a special day on the town.
The day began with a tour of the Seymour Food Pantry where they learned about the services provided to the numerous families in our communities.
They were able to go and visit their now retired counterpart – Delores Leininger and give her a beautiful flowered plant. From there Bill Collar and Michael Keyzers opened the doors to the Seymour Community Museum for the volunteers to leisurely stroll through the building and learn more about the wonderful city they volunteer in.
Once done at the museum, Packers Pizza and Subs opened early for the volunteers to have a nice lunch to finish off the day.
All of the volunteers were also given a beautiful bouquet of flowers made up by Kailhofer’s Greenhouse. Faye Marien was also given a “5 years of service” award certificate and a nice flowered plant as well.
As a team, the volunteers have put in an astounding 4,058 hours in all of 2017. Every month, they put in 338 hours working hard on sorting donations, doing housekeeping, stuffing envelopes, hauling out recycling and garbage, helping the clients shop for specific items, fill backpacks and just about everything in between.
Without the volunteers, Community 2000 would not have been able to assist 386 different households in 2017.
“The volunteers make the magic happen; they truly touch lives every day and they don’t get to realize how much of a difference they really make. They give people a friendly word, a genuine smile or just a simple word of encouragement and the ripple of kindness passes on to everyone else in the community! Our program wouldn’t be the same without them,” Juli Meulemans, program coordinator, said.
If you see any of our volunteers, please tell them thank you for making a difference in the lives of others in our community
A very special thank you to the volunteers of the Seymour Food Pantry, Seymour History Museum, Packers Pizza, Kailhofer’s Greenhouse and the anonymous donor for making this be such a memorable event and celebration for our volunteers.

From left to right, front row: Faye Marien, Joan Borremans, Jeri Henn and Judy VanDenBosch
Back row: Mary VanDenBosch, Joyce Ostrowski, Dorothy Treml, Chris Stedl, Mary Krueger, Rosie Roskom, Carol Hoffman and Michelle LeBeau. – Submitted photo