Is your house haunted?

Do you think your house is haunted? Who are you going to call? Paper Valley Paranormal.
Paper Valley Paranormal (P.V.P.) is a paranormal team based out of the Neenah area. Co-founder Eddie Holland said, “We like to think we are not your typical paranormal investigator or “ghost hunter.” We strive to do our best to help you understand the unexplained.
The team includes Cofounder Eddie Holland and his wife, Seymour graduate Brooke (Sherman) Holland, Co-founder Dan Halaze, Heather Kelly – Investigator and other local investigators.
The definition of paranormal is: of or relating to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psychokinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena. P.V.P. members have a combined 20 years of experience investigating the unusual or unexplained.
They use various pieces of equipment to either prove or debunk any unique phenomenon and share all their evidence with their clients.
Their research however does not include UFO’s but does cover the spiritual side of hauntings.
Investigator Heather Kelly said, “There are four kinds of hauntings, 1. The Intelligent Haunting: These hauntings will give an intelligent answer to a question when asked by a team member. 2. A Residual Haunting: These are hauntings that occur around the same time every day or night like a shadow appearing at a certain time that doesn’t want to interact with anyone, it’s more like a tape recording playing at the same time every day. 3. Poltergeist Haunting: This is when objects or things move by themselves. 4. Demonic Haunting: This haunting involves evil or demons. All of these hauntings evolve around the presence of energy.”
Holland said the Demonic Haunting is very rare and they, as a team, have never witnessed or encountered one. Typically, when someone calls and says they have a demon in their house, the team reveals that it is a mischievous haunting, like a spirit child that likes playing games. Sometimes they find it is just the family cat or dog and not a haunting at all.
Brooke Holland said that a residual haunting is found like someplace like schools, when the bell rings energies may build up causing shadows or an apparition.
The team all agree that television has made their field of expertise more entertaining than factual and that a lot of people believe what they may see on TV.
Team Co-founder Dan Halase said, “When most people see or hear something that they don’t understand they get scared and usually perceive it as threatening or evil but we as a team have never seen or heard anything evil.”
Eddie Holland said they have visited a farm house in Greenville and actually had conversations with the deceased past owners. Holland believes that what you were in life is what you will be in the afterlife. The deceased owners both passed away in the house and have the same personalities that they had in life.
The team said everyone has their own beliefs of the afterlife either religious or other but they believe some spirits or passed love one can come back to visit the living to communicate with us by guiding or warning us of something or just watching over us.
The team also has a sister team in Oklahoma, where Eddie Holland is from and both teams travel and help each other.
The clients that we get are families and historical places with unexplained events or sounds.
Holland and Halase started the team last April and they currently get about two to three calls a month. Summer seems to be busier than the winter months. The team will investigate any home or business free of charge, donations are appreciated, but they cannot guarantee activity or evidence at every site but they are out to serve the community and put homeowners and business owners minds at ease.
They all agree that they have been at some historical places that are always active and they hold public tours at these places for a fee while they investigate.
They have also picked up animal (spirits) sounds when there was no animals present.
They make sure that there is no scientific or other physical or man- made explanation for these sounds or sightings.
When I asked the group about the most unique experiences they encountered they have a recording of a little girl named Tricksy, she states her name twice on the recording and they said the owner of the home said their foster daughter had an imaginary friend named Tricksy.
Holland said he was investigating a haunting and actually had a conversation with a little girl who was seven who got shot in the arm and died in the 1800’s.
Antiques and things can hold energy (spirits) as well. Holland recalls being in the service stationed in Germany. He was in an old World War II barracks and when he went to take a shower, (it was an open stall shower with many faucets) as he turned his on, one by one all the unused faucets twisted by themselves and turned on also. He said he told his Sergeant he wanted to be moved to a different barracks.
Halase shared an experience when he was at an elementary school in Iowa. He did an overnight through the weekend. They slept on mattresses with sleeping bags in the auditorium and in about ten minutes into the investigation they heard children laughing and giggling and stomping through the room and he witnessed his mattress moving up and down like children were jumping on it. That was the strangest experience he had ever encountered.
If you think you have a haunting you can contact the Paper Valley Paranormal Team, visit their website or visit their Facebook page, Paper Valley Paranormal where you can view their investigations.

Paper Valley Paranormal Team at Heritage Hill State Park, Green Bay.
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