King of the Brat Frys

Maynard Kettner is considered the brat fry king in the village of Shiocton.
Kettner and his wife Rose have been members of Catholic Financial Life through Saint Denis Church for the last 75 years. Throughout the last 25 years he has sold over 20,000 brats and had raised over $60,000 for local charities and youth groups.
Kettner said, “We all have a good time and our motto is “Always Smile.”
The Kettners encourage anyone to volunteer, the elderly, handicapped and the area youth are all welcomed. Maynard especially likes working with the kids, to help them make good life choices. “The kids learn a lot from working the stand, including business and customer service skills,” says Maynard.
The majority of Maynard’s brat frys have been held at Colwitz’s Gas Station. “Jack Colwitz is a very generous man,” said Maynard, he donates the grill, soda, water and ice for each event.” The brat frys offer a variety of condiments including sauerkraut, sautéed onions, relish, ketchup and mustard.
Kettner gets the brats from Hillshire and if they runout, the Piggly Wiggly of New London helps out. Cedar Creek supplies them with the hamburgers and new this year are smoked polish sausage from Super Ron’s in Pulaski.
Maynard traveled to Milwaukee last August and asked the CEO of Catholic Financial Life to match funds for the brat fry for the Shiocton’s Fire Departments Jaws of Life. Catholic Financial decided to match the brat frys first $500.00 with Maynards input.
The brat fry was a fund raiser to update the Shiocton’s Fire Department Jaws of Life. The current one they own is not strong enough for the newer vehicles. Their goal is $25,000 to upgrade the equipment.
A raffle is also held at each event and the money raised is used to help feed the hungry during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.
All of the proceeds of the brat frys are donated to local area youth groups or charities.
Ron Korth will take over the reign as King, with his wife Sally since Maynard is 79 years old and needs to slow down. Maynard said that Ron is the “Grill Master” and his wife Sally works at the brat barn. The couples met about four years ago and found out they have the same values and goals in life.
Maynard and Rosie would like to thank Ron and Sally for taking over the brat frys and also Catholic Financial Life for their support over the years with matching funds.
Maynard Kettner as the Brat Fry King. – Submitted photo
Maynard Kettner hands over a check from St. Denis’s Brat Fry in April to Glen Bunnell for the Jaws Of Life Fund. The brat fry made $1,810 and Catholic Financial Life matched $500.00 making the total $2,310. Left to Right; Ron and Sally Korth, Firefighter Marty Baker, Rosie and Maynard Kettner (sitting), Firefighter Stacie Riehl and Glen Bunnell. – Photo by Linda Titel
Jaws of Life goal is $25,000. The thermometer is located at the Wolf River Community Bank in Shiocton. – Photo by Linda Titel