New, Healthy Options Open in Seymour

By Stephen Knoll
The heat’s rolling in and people all around are trying to figure out how to lose some weight over the summer, well there’s a new option in Seymour that has the community excited.
Jessica Vanden Langenberg saw that need and wanted to help provide Seymour with a healthier option other than a fast food restaurant so she opened up No Limits, a Herbalife shake store.
Herbalife is a nutritional shake mix that advertise themselves as a meal supplement to help people lose weight.
“It’s a nutrition club where we can give back to the community healthy fast food options,” Vanden Langenberg said.
Vanden Langenberg said she got the idea when her coach opened up a Herbalife shop of her own.
Her own journey with Herbalife began last year when she lost 60 pounds using it.
No Limits opened early in March and has been going smoothly ever since with plenty of customers coming in daily.
“We also see a lot of the high schoolers coming in, which is nice,” Vanden Langenberg said. “With our son being in sports and our daughter getting into sports it’s important to be able to give them a healthier option after practice or for lunches.”
That emphasis on providing a different and healthier option has been a big focus for the store that sports an “Awesome Wall,” a large chalkboard where members can track their weight loss.
The store boasts a list of 28 different flavors with an additional Flavor of the Week option.
Some options, like the Cookies’n’Cream, don’t seem like they should be healthy, but Vanden Langenberg says they are. The Cookies’n’Cream only has 200 calories.
“It was so awesome to see how the community has reacted to something like this,” Vanden Langenberg said.
She said there was some initial concern over how well this idea would work and if people would catch on to it, but she’s been pleasantly surprised with the results.
It’s also been exciting for her to hear the stories of people coming back and just how much weight they’ve lost as well.
“It’s nice knowing you’re helping someone feel that good,” Vanden Langenberg said.
Right now a big focus for the store is simply letting people know what the store is, Vanden Langenberg says at least 10 times a week people come in not knowing what the store is about.
For those that do know they are willing to come from far away just go get some of the Herbalife shakes.
“I know some people who drive in from Green Bay or Appleton on their lunch breaks,” Vanden Langenberg said.
There’s a lot of local foot traffic for No Limits too with local downtown business employees getting a bit of exercise and dieting in with a quick trip down to Vanden Langenberg’s shop.
For now the focus is on No Limits’ current space, but there is hope for expansion in the future.
No Limits does have a Facebook page where people can keep up with new flavors and business hours.
Jessica, middle, is flanked by her husband, Jason, and daughter, Karlee, on the left and her son, Jason, as they stand behind the No Limits counter on Main Street in Seymour. – Photo by Stephen Knoll