Shiocton local competes for Manawa Rodeo Queen

By Sara Tischauser
From a young age, one young lady has been around horses and has taken her passion for horses to compete in various competitions.
Jacklyn Estreen, from Shiocton, competed at the Midwest Horse Fair with Ashley Gorski, of Shiocton, in April. The pair placed first in the competition and now Estreen is preparing for her next competition as she will be competing for the Manawa Rodeo Queen June 28-30.
Estreen said competing for the rodeo queen is completely different than the Midwest Horse Fair, but she has been preparing for the event and is excited for the upcoming challenge.
“This will be my first professional rodeo to be able to be in it and run in it with everyone,” Estreen said. “The events I’ve done, but never been in a rodeo before.”
While she will be competing by herself without having Gorski by her side, Estreen said she is ready for this contest and has gained confidence through all her experiences with her horses.
“It’s taught me a lot of confidence like Midwest Horse Fair I’ve done three years in a row,” Estreen said. “When I first did it [Midwest Horse Fair], I mean I had confidence but I wasn’t where I am today with the confidence and being able to handle a 1,200 pound animal. When they act up and you’re the one that controls them it gives you a lot of confidence.”
This year marks the 60th Manawa Rodeo and will once again be sponsored by the Manawa Lions. As part of the competition for the Manawa Rodeo Queen, Estreen said she will have to give a 3-4 minute speech on herself and also on the importance of the Lions Club.
“They’ve put [rodeo] on,” Estreen said. “You wouldn’t be having this Manawa Rodeo without them. It’s a big honor to represent them.”
Estreen said she didn’t have her agenda yet for the competition, but had heard that in addition to the speech she has to give, there will also be a lot of focus on horsemanship. She said she had heard that the contestants will even switch horses so she will have to show she is a good rider on someone else’s horse.
Also, throughout the three day competition, Estreen said she will never know when a judge will come up to her and ask her questions. She said she has to be ready at any time to answer questions.
Whether she wins the title of Manawa Rodeo Queen or not this year, Estreen is ready to gain from the experience.
“I’m just looking forward to seeing the outcome,” Estreen said. “I have two other friends that are both running in it and it’s like I could go either way. If I get it, I get it. But you can also run [until] you’re 24 so if I don’t get it I always have next year. If I don’t get [rodeo queen] and they give me advice on what to do next year, it’s all learning experience.”
The 60th Annual Manawa Rodeo will be June 28-30 and the crowning of Manawa Rodeo Queen will be at 2 p.m. on June 30. The rodeo will be held at Hoffman Memorial Park at E5888 County Road B, Manawa, Wis. For more information on the rodeo go to

Jacklyn Estreen, from Shiocton, will be competing at the 60th Annual Manawa Rodeo for the title of Manawa Rodeo Queen. – Submitted photo