Seymour feels like ‘coming home’ for new associate principal

By Sara Tischauser
Transitioning to a new job and community can be difficult, but the new Seymour High School associate principal said since her first interviews at the school she has felt welcomed into the district.
Jennifer Aspenson started as the Seymour High School associate principal on July 2. Previous to coming to Seymour, Aspenson was an English teacher at Fond du Lac High School for 12 years and was on the leadership team there for six years.
Serving on the leadership team, Aspenson said really got her thinking about a future in something other than teaching in the classroom.
“I started to see impact I could have on larger scale than just those [students] in my room,” Aspenson said. “I was on leadership team for them [Fond du Lac] for six years and that put the idea into my head that I might want to pursue this position.”
Aspenson received her Bachelor of Arts in English from UW-La Crosse and her Masters in education from Viterbo University. She said throughout her college education she thought classroom teaching was what she would always want to do.
“If you would have told me one day I would become a principal, I would have laughed,” Aspenson said.
However, after being on the leadership team at her previous job, she sees this new opportunity in Seymour as a way to help more students.
One of the aspects of the Seymour school district that attracted Aspenson to the area was how at home she felt at the school.
“What drew us [Aspenson and her husband] to Seymour specifically was it was more like school husband and I went to growing up,” Aspenson said.
Growing up in Westby (a smaller community), Aspenson said she liked the small community feel of Seymour because it reminded her of home.
“I always felt I was coming home,” Aspenson said about when she came to Seymour for an interview. “The community support and sense of family that I could feel from first time I entered building was something we wanted for our kids.”
Aspenson said Seymour school district is the right size in that it is big enough to offer a wide range of activities but small enough that people know each other. After her first interview, Aspenson said one of the students took her on a tour and explained that Seymour really offers something for all students.
“No matter what kind of kid you are, you have a place in this school,” Aspenson said she came to realize after her student guided tour.
The dedication of the staff and educators at Seymour also was a positive aspect that drew Aspenson to the position.
“I’m just really excited to work with such a passionate group of educators,” Aspenson said. “How dedicated everyone is to make sure every student is successful, this district has that in mind. Every kid can find success in the way they need to for what they want in their lives.” Aspenson said her and her husband, Chris and two daughters, Addy (2) and Ellis (5), are planning to move to the area as soon as they can. Aspenson said she and Chris really wanted their girls to go to a smaller school like Seymour and she is looking forward to the coming school year.
Jennifer Aspenson is ready to begin her new position as the Seymour high school associate principal. – Photo by Sara Tischauser