Black Creek life-saving awards

Officer Brianna Schommer receiving her reward from Chief James.
– Photos by Linda Titel

Ryan Schomisch and Nathan Riehl; Andy Gleason was on the call but not present at the meeting.

Allie Sabatke receiving her life-saving award from Kathy Pasch.

Tim Beyer receiving his life-saving award from Kathy Pasch.

Left to right: Mark Sabatke, the man that was saved on July 23, who is still recovering from his ordeal. Officer Brianna Schommer, daughter Allie Sabatke and nephew Tim Beyer applaud.

Three life saving awards were presented before the Aug. 13 village meeting at 6:15.
Lowell James narrated the life-saving event.
“On July 23, shortly before midnight, a 911 call sent police and the EMTs to a home in the village. There was a report of a male patient, Mark Sabatke, unconscious and snoring, this patient quickly went into cardiac arrest, meaning no pulse and not breathing. Fortunately, with him was his daughter Allie Sabatke and nephew Tim Beyer. Both Allie Sabatke and Beyer were trained in CPR and began administrating chest compressions. As someone who had done CPR, I can tell you, you will tire very quickly. Officer Brianna Schommer was on duty for the Black Creek Police Department and arrived shortly after being dispatch. Officer Schommer continued chest compressions before rescue personnel arrived.
“Black Creek rescue personnel defibrillated the patient and took over his care.
“Studies have shown that the highest chances of survival, cardiac arrest patient is to have quick action, 911 system, early CPR and defibrillators. Fortunately during this chain of events, everything was put into place very fast. This event showed a need that everyone needs to know CPR because you never know when you will be called upon to save a life.
“Tonight we are here to attest to this by presenting life-saving awards to Allie Sabatke and Tim Beyer.”
Nathan Riehl and Ryan Schomisch were two of the rescue crew, the third, Andy Gleason, was on vacation at the time of presentation. Chief James gave the two rescue personnel recognition.
Trustee Kathy Pasch presented Beyer and Sabatke with their awards.