New hires in Seymour and Black Creek schools

Rock Ledge Primary School new hires are (pictured left to right) Tami Hooyman, first grade; Sarah Skiba, first grade; Paige Stiede, second grade; and Miranda Reis, kindergarten.
– Photos by Sara Tischauser

Rock Ledge Intermediate School new hires are (pictured left to right) Mandy Hintz, special education; Carolyn Reuter, fourth grade; Megan Lane, fifth grade; and Crystal Jordan, special education.

Seymour Community Middle School new hires are (pictured left to right) Julie Ritter, middle school and high school speech and language; Angie Arneson, technology education; Kasey Crowder, eighth grade; and Lyssa VandeHei, sixth grade.

Seymour Community High School new hires are (pictured left to right) Jody Schneider, technology education; Stephanie Pasch, special education; Kristel Mach, art; and Sara Phillips, district technology integrationist.

New staff at Black Creek Elementary Middle School had orientation on Aug. 23. Pictured (left to right) Danielle Wright, Black Creek Middle School; Kimberly Strebe, physical education teacher; and Ashley Koffarnus, choral music teacher.