Community invited to hear about unexplained events around Black Creek

By Sara Tischauser

The community is invited to the Black Creek Village Library at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 26 to learn about some of the unexplained happenings in the area.
Chad Lewis, folklorist, will be at the library presenting on some of the bizarre events that have happened in the Black Creek area during the past years. Lewis is also an author, researcher and lecturer of topics on the strange and unusual.
During his research, Lewis said he has come across many unique to bizarre events near Black Creek.
“I ran across a legend of a haunted house where no one wanted to live [in] the home,” Lewis said. “People would move in and immediately move out. There was talk of lights flickering on and off, mysterious rapping and knocking on the doors and windows, odd smells, etcetera.”
One of the mysterious phenomenon Lewis found in his research is talk of Chicken Alley.
“On the outskirts of Black Creek is a place called Chicken Alley-legend is that all kinds of strange things take place there,” Lewis said. “One legend is that no matter how many cameras you use or how hard you try you will not be able to capture a photo of the Chicken Alley street sign.”
In addition to not being able to photograph the road sign, Lewis said there are also reports of other unexplained events.
“Many report seeing the light of a phantom snowmobile,” Lewis said. “I have even heard reports of this in the dead of our summers.”
As the road is called Chicken Alley, there are many reports dealing with chickens.
“Then there are the many sightings of people seeing phantom chickens on the road,” Lewis said. “Several people have told me that they believed that they had run over these phantom chickens, only to get out and discover that nothing is there. “
With all the reports of bizarre events on Chicken Alley, some have taken to daring others to go to Chicken Alley.
“The dare at Chicken Alley is that if you go to the crossroad of Chicken Alley and French Road and stand in the middle, the loud voice of an angry ghost will yell at you to get off of the road,” Lewis said. “If you do no not heed his advice you will be cursed with bad luck until the day you die.”
Through his research, Lewis said he has found Black Creek and the surrounding area to have many stories of strange and unexplained events.
“The entire regional area surrounding Black Creek is a hotbed for unusual legends,” Lewis said. “From stories of blood oozing out of a haunted gravestone, to mysterious little people roaming the countryside to odd UFOs buzzing the skies, the area seems to be overflowing with folklore.”
Lewis said his presentation is for all people and is meant to give people the information.
“My lectures attract the entire spectrum of beliefs,” Lewis said. “What I try to do is sort fact from fiction, provide the background, folklore and history and then let people make up their own minds as to whether or not they believe these legends.”