E-Nuff Said Pizzeria, Bar and Grill

Kayla Jansen and mom, Brenda Mastey, behind the bar.
– Photos by Linda Titel

The inviting atmosphere surrounding the bar at E-Nuff Said in Black Creek.

By Linda Titel
Assistant Editor

Black Creek has a new restaurant in town. It’s called E-Nuff Said Pizzeria, Bar and Grill. It is owned by Brenda and Jeff Mastey. Their daughter Kayla Jansen manages it for them.
The building came up for sale and the timing was right so the Masteys jumped on it. After buying the building, they gutted out the whole kitchen and put everything in there from the Big Rig Pizza shop that they used to own across the street next to Peggy’s Midtown.
Brenda said the rest of the building just needed a good cleaning.
The Masteys live in the living quarters behind the restaurant and both have full time jobs. Brenda has been with Georgia Pacific in Green Bay for the last 26 years and her husband Jeff is with Truss Systems in Little Chute driving truck.
They employ three bartenders part-time and Kayla is the only full time employee.
Jeff Mastey started making pizzas out of their house in the kitchen for the last ten years perfecting the crust so it would be sustainable and not mold. They also make homemade sauce and season their own pork. They do a hand tossed crust and thin crust recipe that are secret to the family. Jeff is the prep cook, everything is consistent, they try to make a lot of things homemade.
Jeff’s boss told him, “If you get something people like, don’t change it, that will make them come back for more.”
Brenda and Jeff decided to have a family meeting to talk about the bar and what they were going to name it. They were all going round and round with names and what they should call it and Kayla’s boyfriend just blurted out E-Nuff Said already, and that is how the restaurant got its name.
The Big Rig Pizza business is why they wanted to open the restaurant up, they wanted to incorporate all the food that was at the pizza place because their family and friends told them that they had to keep selling their homemade food, especially the pizzas.
Kayla collaborated all the food on the menus and the kids came up with the names for the pizzas which are all truck related, like Garbage Pizza, Meat Wagon Pizza, Chicken Hauler. The family wants everyone to know that they are the former Big Rig Pizza Company.
They took the bar and the pizza business and made it into one building and are serving Big Rig Pizza. They had a good customer base at Peggy’s Midtown and the pizza place next to Peggy’s within a year, so they decided to combine the bar and pizza business into one place under one roof.
Brenda said, “Customer Service is the biggest thing, people just love to come in and talk and see Kayla smiling behind the bar.”
They have daily specials: Friday Fish Fry with all you can eat walleye; Saturday, all you can eat pastas, dollar days and more. Most everything is homemade, and they buy locally utilizing Sals and Wagner’s.
They are closed on Mondays, Kitchen hours are 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. Tuesday – Sunday and bar-time is 11 a.m. – close, Tuesdays – Sunday.
Business is doing great so far, they plan to start a dart league.
“Our open house on July 7 this year went awesome; everyone worked together and there was a great turn out,” said Brenda.
Kayla remarked, “We are going to have an annual anniversary party every year, on the second Saturday in July.”
Future five year goals are adding to the menu and selling wholesale frozen pizzas.