Hero from Royalton

C.J. Lyse from Royalton, a true hero.
– Submitted photo

By Linda Titel
Assistant Editor

He wore no red cape but C.J. Lyse of Royalton was a hero on Sunday, Sept. 16.
Lyse had recently married and after returning from his honeymoon, he wanted to spend some time with his daughter. He asked his ex wife if he could keep her an hour longer on Sunday, Sept. 16 which she granted.
On Lyse’s way home from dropping off his daughter he spotted something unusual in Shiocton.
Lyse noticed smoke billowing out of a home’s attic vent off of State Highway 54. He used to be a volunteer firefighter from Michigan so he knew something was wrong.
After passing the house he turned around to look again and that’s when he knew the house was on fire by the black smoke billowing out, from not only the attic’s vent, but the roof’s vent as well.
Thats when he sprang to action, pulled over and told another car that had also pulled over to call 911, and tell them a house was on fire.
Lyse kicked the front door open and found the occupant of the house, an elderly lady sitting at the kitchen table. He told her that she had to get out, because her house was on fire. She looked at him in disbelief because there was not any smoke in the house, yet, but Lyse told her the roof of the house was on fire. The elderly lady then told him her daughter was in another room, so Lyse proceeded to assist the elderly woman out of the house since she had trouble walking. Lyse then made sure the daughter came out and then asked the woman if there was anything in the house that they needed.
After retrieving her dog, purses, prescriptions, photos and photo books, Lyse also had time to grab her father’s American flag and make it out of the house safely.
By the time the firefighters got there flames were shooting out of the roof.
Lyse stayed and helped hand out water to the firefighters. They quickly put out the fire but the house was a total loss.
Shiocton’s mutual aid fire departments, Nichols and Black Creek assisted the Shiocton-Bovina Fire Department and by working together everyone got home safe.
The Shiocton-Bovina Fire Department put this on their Facebook page: “Our department was dispatched for a house fire tonight. Huge thanks to C.J. Lyse (a passerby) from Royalton for getting the occupants out safe.”