Sergeant Jonathan Cvengros speaks to Shiocton adults on Human Trafficking

Sergeant Jonathan Cvengros speaks to a highly attended room of parents, teachers and concerned adults on Thursday, Oct. 11 at the Shiocton High School on the subject of Human Trafficking in our neighborhoods.
– Photo by Linda Titel

By Linda Titel
Assistant Editor

Sergeant Jonathan Cvengros talked to Shiocton parents and concerned citizens on human trafficking occurring in the Fox valley and surrounding area.
Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery that exists throughout the United States and globally.
The human traffickers prey on low self esteem children and young adults. Runaway teens, homeless or teens with troubled backgrounds, drug addiction or dysfunctional families are also a target.
The human trafficker offers their victims false promises such as jobs (modeling or dancing) a warm, secure place to stay free drugs for an addict and big money in return for their services.
They will manipulate their victims through charm, romantic situations, force, fraud and coercion.
Some victims may be involved in a trafficking situation for a few days, weeks or even years.
The trafficker may even use one of his girls to convince others to join or cooperate with them. Then they will threaten and use violence, torture and starvation to keep their victims from going to the police and to continue working for the trafficker.
Parents need to monitor their child’s social media and communicate to their children the danger signs of these predators.
They are out there, in our neighborhoods, so we should all be attentive to anything seen or heard that is suspicious and alert law enforcement immediately, to keep all children safe.