Seymour hunter gets her first deer

Jennifer Brown, Seymour, shot this deer in Outagamie County. The deer, which Brown said they had named Oompa, had 8 points, with a 17 inch inside spread and weighed 193 pounds when it was dressed out. – Submitted photo

By Sara Tischauser

The thrill of the hunt. The excitement of shooting that first deer. There is an adreniline that comes with hunting and especially with being a first time hunter. One Seymour hunter experienced that first time hunter’s excitement and addreniline as she went bow hunting for the first time this year.
Jennifer Brown, Seymour, received a compound bow from her boyfriend and got into archery as she started practicing and shooting last winter. This summer she decided to take the hunter safety course and decided to give bow hunting a try this season.
This is the first time Brown had been out in the stand hunting, but she had previously helped her dad during hunting season.
“Always helped my dad gut and clean deer after he got them,” Brown said. “But never sat with him in stand.”
This year she started her bow season and on Brown’s second time out in the stand she saw a doe with twins come out. Brown said one of the fawns walked right underneath her stand which she thought was cool.
On her fourth time out hunting, Brown watched as a buck they had seen on the trail camera came out.
“It’s Oompa,” is what Brown thought as soon as the buck came out. “We had named him Oompa, like a Oompa Loompa, because one of his horns was taller than the other. We had him on our trail cameras once or twice.”
Brown was able to get a shot at Oompa.
“After I shot I saw my arrow light up and stick in him as he ran away,” Brown said. “I listened to hear where he went and then I started shaking uncontrollably, buck fever set in.”
Brown said after she shot the buck, she went to get help to find him.
“My boyfriend and dad were so happy and proud,” Brown said. “They helped me track it. When we found him they were hooping and hollaring and high fiving. I stood there in shock, I couldn’t believe I got him.”
Oompa was an 8 pointer with a 17 inch inside spread and weighed 193 pounds when it was dressed out.
Brown reflected on her hunting career so far.
“I thought, ‘I can retire now,’” Brown said jokingly. “Just thankful for being able to share this experience with my family.”