Black Creek new municipal building and flooding addressed

By Linda Titel
Assistant Editor

The Black Creek Village Board met at 6:30 p.m. in the community center on Nov. 12.
Mark Schuster from Robert E. Lee and Associates talked to the board about the new municipal building and police station. He suggested that phase one should be what they need. Things he said to consider:
Phase one:
Do they need a holding cell, evidence room, court room? Is the municipal building going to be used as a community center, are they going to vote there and have poles there? Are they going to rent it out for birthday parties, anniversary parties, that type of thing? Any other uses like daycare, teen center, senior citizen meals?
There are a lot of things the village hall could be used for and will it be rented out? Also how much storage space will you need and how much room for expansion?
Schuster brought up the fact that it could just be used for offices and police offices and not for the public.
The board will have to sit down and do a needs and wants study, first laying out everything that is needed and then if the sky is the limit what are the wants.
Then they can roughly put together the size of the building and look at what they can afford. The needs study will determine how big of a building will be needed which an architecture would sketch out. Once the board decides on the size of the building they will start to look at lots, evaluate each one available and choose one that would fit best.
Then they would evaluate the sites with potential cost and funding sources and present all information to the public.
Phase 2: The land acquisition.
Phase 3:
Primary design which the board will agree on.
Phase 4:
Final plan and design.
Phase 5:
Construction would begin.
First is the needs study, what they need and what they want and then agreeing on what the village can afford.
Schuster said the ad hoc team brings small teams of skilled professionals together to build government digital services that are fast, efficient and usable by everyone. Ad hoc discovered a lot of things the community center could be used for and what would be the best location for the building.
Schuster said the general layout would be completed first then they would look at how it would fit on different lots.
Black Creek Village President Steve Rettler asked if they had underground parking if they would need an elevator? Schuster said, “As an individual building if it had handicap access throughout you may not need an elevator.”
The question was brought up if they would still need an elevator if the underground garage was only used for police squad cars? Schuster said, “What happens if you hire a handicaped police officer?”
If the lower level was only for private parking then you might not need an elevator but if there is any public access to it then you would need one.
Police Chief Lowell James said that the defense attorney has the right to inspect an evidence room, they have never had this happen but it could happen. If you had ADA accessible walkway to the lower level you may not need an elevator. Schuster said, “An architect or the State would have to approve the building and make the decision about an elevator.”
The board will have to get together for the needs study which could take three to six months depending on how many meetings they have.
One concerned citizen brought up the fact that if you look at a lot that has buildings on it that have to be torn down or a lot that needs fill then you are looking at more money to the taxpayers.
The board decided to revisit this after a building and grounds meeting took place.
DPW Gerry Schuette talked about the flooding issues in Black Creek and the water shed areas.
Schuette said, “Over by the walking trail there is a 54 foot culvert pipe that all the water from the watershed area goes through to get out of the village. The water can’t get out fast enough.”
He said, “There is another 60 foot pipe in that culvert as well from years ago, and that pipe is not being used.”
Schuette said the force of the water is too great for the 54 foot pipe which is two feet lower than the 60 foot pipe.
The state, county and Schuette met and looked at the pipes and proposed to take the waterway and flow it into the 60 foot pipe which would relieve some of the pressure off the 54 foot so there is not so much backup of water.
Schuette would like to put a rip-rap embankment dam in there to divert water to the 60 foot pipe and alleviate water back-up from the 54 foot pipe.
The water is coming from the sub-division so fast that it is creating a vortex which starts flooding back. By diverting water to the 60 foot pipe it should help some of the flooding that is happening at Main Street said Schuette.
The state and county are investigating why all of the water is coming into the village faster that ever before causing the village to flood.
Schuette said Schuster came up with an estimate on how much this would cost the village and Schuette said if he didn’t have it in the public works budget for this year, he would budget it for next year.
Rod Lorenz from Ralph’s Hardware Floors was present and asked, “Where is all the water going to go?”
Schuette said, “Highway 54 I know that 54 can’t take any more water, but when that happens then the state will have to step in and take action.”
Lorenz said he didn’t want his business to flood again. Schuette said the state is going to come in another two weeks and look at this further and hopefully improve the watershed coming into the village. The state is bringing in their full design team and the board will revisit this after the state looks at it.
In new business the board approved the service contract with the Fox Valley Humane Association.
In old business the board discussed the Newton/Blackmore Trail rest rooms/watering station.
Black Creek Village Clerk Barb Schuh brought to the board that back in 2016 the village was rewarded a Greenway Fund for the water station next to the walking trail.
Schuh said if they did not finish the water station by the end of 2019 the village will lose the funding. It was also money for setting up bike tire repair stations along with the water station. President Rettler said the county was to put in a parking lot for anyone to use the walking trail, this fall which was pushed back to the spring now.
The board will look into using this money by the end of 2019 for the walking trail.
The next village meeting is scheduled for Dec. 10 at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Center.